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As mentioned in the previous post, in Cocoons we hope that our locations, the skatepark in particular, will become characters in themselves.

We recently visited the legendary Romford Skatepark and were struck by its uniqueness; the smooth lines in the concrete, its form – and the feelings that the park evokes for the kids who skate and BMX here. It’s a baron and stark place – somewhere where there is no where to hide.


Built in the 1970s, this skatepark was one of the first in the UK. Its a place where generations of kids have come to grow up, be part of a group and perfect their skills. In Cocoons, the skatepark is where trading, bartering and parading takes place. This dynamic environment is contrasted to Fixer and Stella’s stagnant home-lives.


What we also love about THE ROM is how location-less it feels. It is neutral yet rough around the edges – it really could be anywhere.

Where better to try and achieve what Polanski achieved in Knife in the Water?

The Rom


Teenager on his BMX, High Wycombe 1984

Teenager on his BMX, High Wycombe 1984

This photo, by Gavin Watson, serves as the inspiration for the character Fixer. The Image was used as the album cover of Crack My Bones by The Shoes