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In anticipation of the premiere of Cocoons at the BFI later this week, check out the trailer!


As mentioned in the previous post, in Cocoons we hope that our locations, the skatepark in particular, will become characters in themselves.

We recently visited the legendary Romford Skatepark and were struck by its uniqueness; the smooth lines in the concrete, its form – and the feelings that the park evokes for the kids who skate and BMX here. It’s a baron and stark place – somewhere where there is no where to hide.


Built in the 1970s, this skatepark was one of the first in the UK. Its a place where generations of kids have come to grow up, be part of a group and perfect their skills. In Cocoons, the skatepark is where trading, bartering and parading takes place. This dynamic environment is contrasted to Fixer and Stella’s stagnant home-lives.


What we also love about THE ROM is how location-less it feels. It is neutral yet rough around the edges – it really could be anywhere.

Where better to try and achieve what Polanski achieved in Knife in the Water?

The Rom

Knife in the Water

We are really inspired by Roman Polanski’s KNIFE IN THE WATER.
Part of Cocoons is set in a Skatepark and we want to portray a tough, unique place where kids hang out, grow up without supervision of the parents and toughen up. Skating and riding is not just a hobby..
The location in KNIFE IN THE WATER, the shapes and lines of both the landscape and the boat hugely influenced their shooting and staging style. The location became a very unique CHARACTER itself. This is something we want achieve in Cocoons.
See the link for a really interesting article about KNIFE IN THE WATER



We are currently looking for a young and talented BMXer to play the character of Fixer. If you, or anyone you know is interested, then please get in touch!

Town of Runners

This is the trailer for the feature documentary that Dan produced. Its doing amazingly well and you can currently watch it at cinemas across the country. For more info see the website:


Check out Joasia’s short film Fantabulous. Made while she was at the IADT National Film School, the film won the Dublin Pride Film Shorts competition in 2009.

Teenager on his BMX, High Wycombe 1984

Teenager on his BMX, High Wycombe 1984

This photo, by Gavin Watson, serves as the inspiration for the character Fixer. The Image was used as the album cover of Crack My Bones by The Shoes


Cocoons is an upcoming graduation film from the National Film & Television School. It is directed by the super talented Joasia Goldyn and produced by the equally talented Daniel Demissie.

Cocoons is a story about the difficulties to connect with those nearest to you but at the same time having an overwhelming desire for closeness.
At the centre of our story is Stella, a sensitive and independent 12 year old girl who forms an unusual bond with BMX rider, Fixer, who is a charming but awkward 14 year old boy.

Cocoons is currently in pre-production and will shoot mid July.

Stay tuned here for more updates and information about the film!